(Photos: Crazy Spirit, Glam, a fan between sets)

This past weekend was the four-day New York's Alright punk fest in Brooklyn. There were matinée shows, night shows and after-show shows. I saw a lot of bands. I took a lot of photos too, but rather than piling a parade of screaming faces on you, I just picked some of my favorites.

Other select moments were: the leapfrog stage dive off the singer of Crazy Spirit, the singer of Rival Mob putting a fan in a headlock and giving him a kiss while he was trying to take a photo of me taking photos, and the singer of Cülo greedily doing people's poppers on stage between songs. Watching the singer of Rival Mob attempt an ollie off stage and land on his ass was pretty good too.


• Cülo - Don't Care Part II

Band here.

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