In what turned out to be a bit of a band bill collision, Wild Yaks and Habibi took the stage at 285 Kent with Unstoppable Death Machines and Violent Bullshit. Alternating between spazzing hardcore and garage pop, the audience could be delineated by who drew them to the show as they alternated standing near the stage or sulking in the back. Considering the below-zero temperatures outside, the fact that that space filled up at all was impressive.

There was an early trend of covers, with both Violent Bullshit and Habibi closing their sets with them (Bikini Kill and The Ramones respectively). Unstoppable stumbled into a cover of Japanther as they started playing along to it over the house music as they were setting up. Their set was fiery, and the fact that they were fresh off an intense West Coast tour was evident. The only hiccup was that the drummer was going through drum sticks so quickly that he had to ask to borrow some to continue their set at one point.

Wild Yaks seemed to have the largest share of the crowd. Halfway into their set the lead singer led the crowd in an a cappella sing-a-long, and throughout the rest of their set there was a good portion of fans continuing to sing along. Near the end, lead singer Rob Bryn made a confession: "We planned to change the band's name in 2013. We're now called 'Golden Sphere of Light.' You can't win them all, trust me." So look for a new release from the newly-minted "Wild Golden Sphere of Yak Light" coming soon.


• Wild Yaks - Million Years

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