New York has been absolutely freezing this week. Like, Fargo cold. This past Friday I rode my bike out to 285 Kent and, along with half of Williamsburg, braved the bitter icy deathscape to witness Danish punk rock boy band Iceage.

The Danes may not have intentionally brought the snow with them, but they did bring a great lineup in support. Deformity took the stage first and plowed through a set with such intensity I half-expected the skinny lead singer's lower jaw to come unhinged. Raspberry Bulbs followed with a slower, more raw set, the band's stern demeanor matching their heavy-metal-rainbow wardrobe: All black. Nomad was up next, and the sidelines of the stage quickly filled up with their friends and fans. Their sonic assault, with one song tumbling into the next, quickly had a portion of the crowd moshing and thrashing around.

I didn't realize there was a way to cheat at moshing, until I saw one kid flying around the pit with a large motorcycle helmet on his head. Surprisingly, Nomad was able to one-up Deformity for how quickly they could churn through a set.

Iceage was up next, and before they were halfway set up the faces in the crowd had almost completely changed, as it swelled and crushed to the front. While Nomad would look right at home on St. Marks in the early nineties, Iceage could be mistaken for a group of male models on a fashion shoot, lead by Leonardo DiCaprio. With high-waisted pants and tucked in shirts, any Urban Outfitters catalog stylists in the crowd must have been salivating. Immediately into the first seconds of their first song it was obvious something was amiss. The singer Elias was so wasted he kept reaching for the mic stand to steady himself, and missing.

He continued to spend most of the show swerving unsteadily around the stage and teetering on the edge of falling into the crowd. Eventually he did. Even when he received a direct hit from a firework shot from the crowd, he barely noticed. At one point a guy from the side of the stage rushed the singer and tackled him into the crowd, where they preceded to make out (possibly the highlight of their set). I have to admit, I hadn't seen Iceage before. Maybe they're always like this?

Bonus fun fact from 285KENT: The guy who tackled Elias to the ground is named "Gasface."


• Sannhet - Absecon Isle

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