BKLN -> MPLS: On the mighty Mississippi... it's been a while.

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BKLN -> MPLS: On the home stretch.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Bikes on the river.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Skull mask.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Morning. Day 25.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Wisconsin, you're creepin' me out.

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BKLN -> MPLS: End of day 23, looking for a tent spot.

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BKLN -> MPLS: There's been a lot of this on the trip.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Parking spaces.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Swing bike, 1976.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Tunnel time.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Algae so thick it looks like green plastic ice.

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BKLN -> MPLS: Morning. Day 23.

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