"Always wear a rain jacket to a Juggernut show, even if it's not raining."

I was reminded of this thought as I was cleaning my camera gear the morning after this show. Half the substances I couldn't even identify (or wasn't sure I'd want to know anyway). There are some things you can always count on at Juggernut shows: fake blood, chicken feet, tasers, hot dogs in condoms being fellated and getting some sticky/oily stuff on you. Occasionally the FDNY shows up too (as some of you might remember from this photo).

The Juggernut show at The Pyramid this week did not disappoint, and had a nice holiday theme too. Juggernut was supported by Bronx-based Filthy Savage and a few other performance art openers. The show ended on a slightly sad note, as the band announced the start of an indefinite hiatus. Although one person I talked to thought it would only last through the winter or spring. One can only hope, as there are few acts in NYC that can create such a huge ball of overstimulating chaos, with a soundtrack to boot.


• Harley Poe - It's Christmas Time Again

Band here.

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