The entry for Dawn of Humans on Last.fm states they are "Hardcore punk from NYC with a maniac on vocals. Not for the weak!" Pretty accurate for two sentences. One of the core bands of the "Bung" scene in NYC (possibly not a term the bands grouped under it would subscribe to), heavy influences of D-beat and old school NYC hardcore are obvious. Crusty, raw and unhinged... and that's just the singer.

Kremlin, Bloodkrow, Butcher and Creem supported Dawn of Humans for this rare live performance at 285 Kent. La Misma opened, but I didn't catch them. Plenty of moshing, mohawks and stage diving accompanied spinning spiked leather jackets and combat boots to the head (of which I had my share). The crowd was jovial overall, and the usual testosterone-overflow that can lead to little fights in the pit didn't seem to happen. The crowd stayed strong through all six bands, with rabid fans taking turns spazzing out when their favorites took the stage. It was kind of weird seeing these bands on such a huge high stage, but it turned out to be great for getting a clear view of the chain-wrapped balls finalé.


• Dawn of Humans - Destroy I/It As One

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