The last time Titus Andronicus released an album they sold out the Bowery Ballroom. For their new album they decided to bring it home in a sense and have the release at the Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium, which was founded by one of the band members, Adam Reich. I was told this show sold out in thirteen minutes. It also has the capacity of all the Bowery's bathrooms combined, so that kind of makes sense. Fellow New Jersey-ians Liquor Store and Dan Friel (of Parts & Labor) opened, with Friel slowly winning the audience over with his raucous electronic-distortion dance rock.

Titus Andronicus took to the stage and proceeded to plow through the longest set in their history, as stated by the lead singer, Patrick Stickles. Comprised of a good mix of new songs, classics from their first album and a cover for good measure—it was a marathon of moshing, crowd surfing and crazed fans that seemed to know every word to every song. They also played an unrecorded song for the first time live, "I've Got a Date Tonight," where the preface involved one of the band members sharing a kiss with another guy in the crowd (and a comment about not being too hetero-normative around here). Another highlight was the drummer's father getting on stage and busting out his harmonica for a song. The vibe was overwhelmingly positive, and the euphoria seemed to spill over and continue into the rest of the night. Once the set was over, which was pretty late for a Monday night, people stuck around to get the band to sign their new record, and surprisingly even for a dance party.


• Dan Friel - Valedictorian

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