Hey internet friends, I am in need of some assistance. I need help spreading the word of our upcoming raft project on the Ohio River to people who can go check out our kickstarter and hopefully donate. Why would you do this? Hopefully it's because you know people who would be excited about the prospect of a giant piece of floating art traversing an industrial dumping ground to reach those that live on it's shores with a you-can-do-it attitude, performances for the joy of it, and a touch of inspiration to share. We're going to have a bicycle-powered ferris wheel on the raft, so that's cool too. There's a video (above) that does a good job surmising what we have done and what we're aiming to do again, as well as a personal story of someone we met while on the Mississippi River trip. Please check it out and share widely, we have less than a week left! Thanks.

The Ohio River Project Kickstarter

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  1. This project is awesome!! I wish it could come here to Amazonia, go down the amazon river, from Manaus, till the coast of Brazil, it would be amazing!! I'd love to see those boats down here :(