This past weekend Unstoppable Death Machines brought their sonic onslaught to an art gallery in Williamsburg as part of an interactive performance installation based on the animated music video for the UDM song, "Space Time Continuum." It all took place at Present Company Gallery in Brooklyn as part of an ongoing series called Synaesthesia, which focuses on exploring relationships between visual and musical thinking. Bands collaborate with artists to create spaces surrounded by sound. For this exhibition, Drew Toews aka Fake Money and Unstoppable Death Machines collaborated and created an interactive sound/light relational exhibit. Also pictured is the one man band, Gull who performed in a room full of masks made out of junkyard leftovers. During the set by UDM, large paper machie aliens and robots that had been populating the room were crowd-surfed until ripped apart by the crowd as they revealed their secret contents of balloons and glitter.


• Refused - New Noise

Band here.

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