Photos of Spank Rock and Ninjasonik performing at The Death Set's sold-out album release show at Williamsburg Music Hall (part 1).


• Ninjasonik - Super Power (Roofeeo Remix)

• Ninjasonik - Born Free Remix Ft. M.I.A, Johnny Nelson & Starcity (Produced By M.I.A. & Switch)

A band's place at last.



(Photos from MWTX: Odd Future, typewriter guy, !!!, OFF!, The Dead Milkmen)


• tUnE yArDs - Bizzness

A band's place at last.



(Photos: Matt & Kim, War Beast, Kylesa, Big Freedia, The Death Set, No Age, Das Racist, Dev)

- Best free stuff: Earplugs, condoms, breath mints, an ipod case if you don't have an ipod? You tell me...
- My favorite part: Being the official MWTX photographer.
- Worst thing at SXSW ever: Watching a white guy with a ponytail "rapping" about "drinking diet coke" while his model-looking fake "DJ" pretended to do things on a mixer and dance like a stripper. I cannot make this stuff up.
- Biggest faux paux: The Cataracts (yeah never heard of them either, they wrote/produced that popular "G6" song about a pontiac sedan) were not getting the response they wanted from the crowd, so they lashed out at an official SXSW photographer standing next to the stage, claiming to not be able to tell if it was a man or woman. Just because the crowd isn't in to your boring-ass pre-recorded canned shit doesn't mean you can take it out on a random bystander. It's too bad an ignorant rich kid from Berkley can't afford some manners.
- Worst performances: See above.
- Best performances: Trash Talk, Matt & Kim, Big Freedia, Screaming Females.
- New favorite band: The Back Pockets.
- Shows I wish I'd seen: Thrasher showcase, Gay By Gay Gay.
- Shows I'm glad I missed: The Death From Above 1979 reunion show riot.
- Best way to start SXSW: Riding tall bikes with Black Label Bicycle Club (Austin) at Deth By Bike.
- Best way to end SXSW: Swimming at Barton Springs.
- Thing missing the most from SXSW: Todd P.
- Overall characteristic of SXSW this year: Overly aggro.
- Weirdest party venue: A closed shopping mall.
- Injuries: Head/face/neck cut in four places, broken camera lens, scratched up neck and back, ringing ears (close-range gun shot), got peed on, had female-ejaculate poured on my head, banged-up shins, torn jeans, holes worn in shoes.
- Thanks to: Angel & Colin, Sean & Phil @ FYF, Nikki @ Vans, Michelle @ Spin, Franki @ iheartcomix, Rusty Lazer.


• KiD CuDi - Erase Me (feat. Kanye West)

A band's place at last.



(Photos: Japanther, Hard Nips, TV On The Radio, Trash Talk, Black Lips, Talib Kweli, Sleigh Bells, Flying Lotus)


• Gil-Scott Heron - I'm New Here

A band's place at last.



(Photos: Cerebral Ballzy, Odd Future, Ninjasonik, Matt & Kim)

SXSW 2011:

- Odd Future thinking it would be hilarious to stage dive into the photo pit at the Fader Fort. I caught the brunt of it, resulting in a broken lens and a cut up head.
- Matt & Kim handed out balloons to the crowd to blow up during their set, and they had their cute faces on them.
- The top floor of the parking garage where Matt & Kim performed for the MTV Garage show bounced up and down a good 6-10 inches due to the crowd dancing during their set. Pretty scary.
- Ninjasonik's new stuff is really really good.
- Dan from The Death Set can rap, really.
- Watching The Death Set play inside a boxing ring.
- Cerebral Ballzy shouting and continuing to play right in front of the cops after they show up at the 21st St. Co-op.
- It was great to have a bike to get around this year.
- Getting lost riding home at 5am after the mall party, ended up at the airport in S. Austin.
- Getting kicked out of both the hot tub and the castle-on-the-hill spots this year.
- Always bumping my head on the two upside down evergreen trees hanging in my room.
- The neighboring crack whore creeping around the yard and trying to break in while we are all sleeping.
- Wrapping it all up with a backyard BBQ with some folks from the New York Times.


• Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults

A band's place at last.