(Photos: Cerebral Ballzy, Odd Future, Ninjasonik, Matt & Kim)

SXSW 2011:

- Odd Future thinking it would be hilarious to stage dive into the photo pit at the Fader Fort. I caught the brunt of it, resulting in a broken lens and a cut up head.
- Matt & Kim handed out balloons to the crowd to blow up during their set, and they had their cute faces on them.
- The top floor of the parking garage where Matt & Kim performed for the MTV Garage show bounced up and down a good 6-10 inches due to the crowd dancing during their set. Pretty scary.
- Ninjasonik's new stuff is really really good.
- Dan from The Death Set can rap, really.
- Watching The Death Set play inside a boxing ring.
- Cerebral Ballzy shouting and continuing to play right in front of the cops after they show up at the 21st St. Co-op.
- It was great to have a bike to get around this year.
- Getting lost riding home at 5am after the mall party, ended up at the airport in S. Austin.
- Getting kicked out of both the hot tub and the castle-on-the-hill spots this year.
- Always bumping my head on the two upside down evergreen trees hanging in my room.
- The neighboring crack whore creeping around the yard and trying to break in while we are all sleeping.
- Wrapping it all up with a backyard BBQ with some folks from the New York Times.


• Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults

A band's place at last.

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