Photos from a recent project I was a part of, the Empire Drive-In installation, which was included in the San Jose Biennial. The project was a "post-society" drive-in theater made of junkyard cars (some stacked two high) with working radios, complete with a neon-lit ticket booth and concession stand. Conceived by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark, the installation served as both a stage and screening area with films and performances by Dark Dark Dark and Zoƫ Keating of Rasputina. In addition to helping build and light the installation, I also lurked around during the installation with my camera. Here's a bit of what came of that.


• Dark Dark Dark - In Your Dreams

A band's place at last.



The last of Haiti for a bit, more to come after I am able to solve some technical issues:

- Upon finally fixing Fritz's computer and removing all the viruses, our internet access is restored.
- Eventually ending up as an unintentional de facto babysitter on the build site for the children of Barriere Jeudi.
- Almost entirely the only music we hear in Haiti over the month we're here is from church choirs.
- Going out to "Fritz's Beach" late in the day. Swimming/snorkling off of an old wooden fishing sail boat as a giant storm moved in and the sun set. Pretty much our only break the entire time.
- The heat & humidity in Haiti is still staggering.
- Cookie Monster, the J-shaped dog (after getting run over by a car).
- Finally winning the 501c3 battle with Paypal and freeing our funds.
- Injuries sustained: a fews cuts and scrapes, mostly tons of mosquito/spider bites, and heat rash almost every day.
- One of our workers, Monique, gives birth after work one day in a nearby tarp hut. We come visit a few days later with baby supplies.
- Culture shock hits like a brick wall the minute I enter the gate area at the airport on my way out. Catatonic.
- The first news I read upon leaving Haiti is of Wyclef Jean's plans to run for president.

There's more from our time in Haiti and our project Konbit Shelter on the blog.


• Thee More Shallows - Next To You

A band's place at last.



It took a while, but I have a working computer again. Looking forward to playing catch up on Haiti, Burning Man and Chernobyl (to name a few).

More from Haiti:

- While we are working on the dome, one of the builders is injured when a giant tree branch suddenly breaks off and falls on him (it appeared to have been eaten/rotted through). His arm is dislocated and a small girl is almost crushed.
- We visit Doctors Without Borders to try and get treatment for Raoul's arm injury. Even late on a Saturday night they are very happy to help.
- On the way home from work one day, we buy beer and machetes.
- There's a tree on the way to the build site that always has the same giant snake sunning itself.
- Mosquito nets are annoying to sleep under (wake up tangled in).

Learn some Creole (all spellings are phonetic):
- "Au bin" = Is it good?/It's good.
- "Bagas" = leftovers from sugarcane after processing it.
- "Bowet" = Wheelbarrow.
- "Clou" = Nail.
- "Ceman" = Cement.
- "Pima" = Spicy.


• Titus Andronicus - Four Score And Seven (Part One)

A band's place at last.