Every year I mention how much harder it is getting to keep putting together another family-friendly Xmas mix that doesn't suck (families don't tend to like the punk music over the holidays), yet every year I pull it off. So I'm going to quit complaining. Although I have to give a big nod to Target's free holiday mix, they made my job a lot easier this year.


The Puppini Sisters - Last Christmas
Best Coast, Wavves - Got Something for You
The Oceanauts - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Fia Rua - Lonely This Christmas
Pomplamoose - Always in the Season
Guster - Tiny Tree Christmas
Jimmy Witherspoon - How I Hate To See Xmas Come Around (Christmas Blues)
Joey Ramone - Merry Christmas
Blackalicious - Toy Jackpot
Little Isidore - Party Hard
Jenny O. - Get Down for the Holidays
Summer Camp - Christmas Wrapping
Lead Belly - Chicken Crowing for Midnight (Christmas Song)
Eux Autres - Teenage Christmas
David Bazan - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Oh Sweet Music! - Oh Sweet Christmas!
Smoking Popes - O Holy Night
Bishop Allen -You'll Never Find My Christmas
The Pipettes -White Christmas
Tinsley - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Janelle Monae - Winter Wonderland
Coldplay - Christmas Lights
Coconut Records - It's Christmas
Greg Perkins - What Child Is This?

• Download Sucka Pant's XMAS MIX 2010

And back by popular request: XMAS MIX '09


• Joey Ramone - Merry Christmas

A band's place at last.


  1. Couldn't get the mix said that it hates macs?

  2. Huh, weird. Works fine for me on a Mac. What is the issue, downloading or extracting?

  3. argh, it's telling me it's not compatable too.

    and last years selection was so good I can't make it through Xmas with the in-laws without this one!!!!!!

  4. Yay! Did you change the place it was hosted? coz I got it now and now have a reason to look forward to next Christmas! So THANKS!!!
    and here's wishing you all the best for 2011
    I'll be sure to return as I love to see your photographs. They're great, and make the life you shoot look like the biggest, wildest adventure ever. real inspiring. Keep it up!

    Dave the Chimp