The last of Haiti for a bit, more to come after I am able to solve some technical issues:

- Upon finally fixing Fritz's computer and removing all the viruses, our internet access is restored.
- Eventually ending up as an unintentional de facto babysitter on the build site for the children of Barriere Jeudi.
- Almost entirely the only music we hear in Haiti over the month we're here is from church choirs.
- Going out to "Fritz's Beach" late in the day. Swimming/snorkling off of an old wooden fishing sail boat as a giant storm moved in and the sun set. Pretty much our only break the entire time.
- The heat & humidity in Haiti is still staggering.
- Cookie Monster, the J-shaped dog (after getting run over by a car).
- Finally winning the 501c3 battle with Paypal and freeing our funds.
- Injuries sustained: a fews cuts and scrapes, mostly tons of mosquito/spider bites, and heat rash almost every day.
- One of our workers, Monique, gives birth after work one day in a nearby tarp hut. We come visit a few days later with baby supplies.
- Culture shock hits like a brick wall the minute I enter the gate area at the airport on my way out. Catatonic.
- The first news I read upon leaving Haiti is of Wyclef Jean's plans to run for president.

There's more from our time in Haiti and our project Konbit Shelter on the blog.


• Thee More Shallows - Next To You

A band's place at last.

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