- "Nothing is ever boring in Haiti…"
- Drying laundry on razor wire works really well.
- People living in tents on top of the pancaked rubble of their old house.
- Definitely the largest number of loaded firearms I have been surrounded by on a continual basis.
- Exploring an abandoned ice factory.
- It's universal: kids love having their photo taken.
- Eating pig skin (not good).
- Spicy peanut butter.
- Constantly being shocked at how expensive everything is.
- When your windshield wipers don't work, rub soap on it. It acts like a poor man's rain-x.
- Driving through Jacmel in a torrential downpour that turned all the streets to rivers about mid-calf deep.
- Squeezing around a fresh rockslide in the mountains.
- The wheel of our vehicle falling off while climbing winding mountain roads, in the fog and rain, with a perpetually fogged windshield. We had to find a rock to fix it.
- Starting to believe the oft-repeated statement by our host: "In Haiti, nothing is easy."
- Demolishing the remains of an injured older man's wrecked house and clearing the foundation so it can be used to erect another shelter. We use the rubble for the foundation and back-fill for our dome construction.
- While demolishing the wrecked house, part of a wall falls on a girl's leg and narrowly avoids crushing it. Bad scrapes and massive bruising follow.
- Sledgehammer blisters.
- Seeing murals with a Voodoo priestess, Jesus, and St. George killing a dragon/snake draws some interesting parallels.
- A small child being really scared of us, having never seen white people before.

Learn some Creole (all spellings are phonetic):
- "Blan" = Whitey (Blanc).
- "Muy pa parle Creole" = I don't speak Creole.
- "Muy parle Anglis" = I speak English.
- "Merci Bocu" = Thank you very much.
- "Bonjour" = Good morning.
- "Bonswa" = Good day.
- "Trie bin" = Very good.
- "Sac Pase" = What's up?
- "Como au reale" = What's your name?
- "Say mem neu memna" = We are the same.


• Iron & Wine - Love Vigilantes

A band's place at last.

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