- A common response: "T.I.H." = This is Haiti.
- Burning tires along pitch black roads.
- Swarms of stray dogs scattering around garbage piles.
- Going through the "Red Zone" by the port at night.
- Wrecked remains of tap tap trucks and school buses scattered alongside the roads.
- Just solid black at night. Tiny spots of candle light every so often.
- Occasional waves of stench hit you like thick air.
- Roads cracked from the earthquake, others washing away and turning into small streams in the rain.
- Tent city after tent city, but with a lot of them vacant.
- Driving that surpasses Indonesia in it's chaotic fluid lawlessness.
- Seeing the wrecked presidential palace surrounded by teeming tent cities.


• Tom Waits - Bone Chain

A band's place at last.

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  1. stay positive, tod. it's good work you are doing. also, stay safe.