Photos of recent shows in Brooklyn: White Mice, Liturgy, The Death Set, Team Robespierre, Mannequin Men, and Greg Oblivion and the Tennessee Tearjerkers.

Great show coming up this week in Brooklyn: BAM's Sounds Like Brooklyn Festival at Station 171.
- Thursday featuring Japanther, The Death Set, Cerebral Ballzy, Boogie Boarder and Leaders.
- Friday dance party with Roofeo (of The Death Set), Mr. Andersonic, Murdertronics, DJ Morsy and James Stacher.

My friend over at Article is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter for two great projects:
- Cerebral Ballzy's first 7".
- Chris Weingarten's music review "book," 1000 Times Yes.

Chris explains the state of journalism in the internet age and why music critics matter:


You might remember that I was running a contest this week for my new favorite song. Well we have a tie. There was stiff competition (although a couple submissions were disqualified because they were songs I had previously posted on here), and now we've got it down to two. So I'm leaving it up to you to vote for the winner, email your vote to sucka [at] suckapants [dot] com (one vote per person). Winner gets the LRG & STS9 prize package.

• Crooked Fingers - Sinisteria

• Tune Yards - Hatari

One band's place at last.
Another band's place at last.

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