It's winter around here:

- The annual Idiotarod braves temperatures in the teens for shopping cart glory.
- Wandering in some snow covered terrain.
- More sweaty Brooklyn loft shows.
- Potluck dinners on the Brooklyn ferry boat.
- Going up into the Blue Ridge Mountains to visit friends hermiting in a log cabin. End up in the thick of the "Blizzard of 2010," then lose the car keys while adventuring in the snow and almost have to hotwire the safari jeep to get home.
- Now I am headed to San Francisco/Oakland for the first time. What's good out there?


The votes are in and it was a solid victory for Tune Yards "Haritari" as the best song. This was another submission I really liked as well.

• The Tallest Man On Earth - Honey Won't You Let Me In

A band's place at last.


  1. >What's good out there?

    The food. Bakesale Betty's on 51st and Telegraph makes a mean chicken sandwich; their folding tables are all ironing boards. Get coffee at Ritual a couple blocks south of that, though, if you want it tasty.

    Starry Plough in Berkeley has $5 lessons in Irish dance every Monday night, and great retro-revolutionary poster decor.

    Ghost Town Farm is an awesome example of green collar crime, although you'll want to check Novella Carpenter's blog for events, rather than just showing up.

    Gilman Street and/or the Freight and Salvage are venues worth looking into.

  2. everything is good out there! check out the slides.

    so much good food but definitely: burmese superstar - fermented tea leaf salad. sounds disgusting but it is amazing.

  3. yessss! tune yards is fan-fucking-tastic, and merrill is a lovely lady who has slept in the same loft at the dooryard that you once curled up in. love that nude in the snow.