Photos from the Upper and Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans.

It's rare that I run contests on here, but I figure why not give people free stuff if given the chance? I've been given the opportunity to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a complete outfit from LRG as well as a copy of STS9's new album Ad Explorata. Details below:

- The winner of this contest will be selected based on who sends me my new favorite song. Actual MP3 files and links to downloadable files are fine. Send your submissions to sucka [at] suckapants [dot] com with STS9 in the subject. Please include your name and location as well.
- The contest will be open for a week from the date of this post.
- The prize pack will include: One full outfit from LGR (shirt, hoodie/jacket, jeans) and the STS9 album Ad Explorata. Upon completion, LRG will mail the winner the gear based on proper sizing info.
- This contest is open to US residents only, no purchase necessary (oooo, official-sounding).


• Tender Forever - My Love

A band's place at last.


  1. Your photography is so raw and real. Love it! And I adore the cover.

  2. Hajen aka Jaw Lesson... http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/215435371/Scapegoat.mp3

  3. ok tod ,
    iv cracked...
    i have now spent 4 hours time browseing websites..subscribing to mailing lists..reading posts and blogs all in an effort to as a, newcomer to new york , an aspiring photographer and curious individual find a way to incorporate myself into the life and events of the world which i find most interesting . the world of creative minds, free spirits and adventures who reside in new york.
    Iv read a number of your posts and have indeed become fascinated with a great deal of your work.
    As mrs.lang once said " a camera is a instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" and my eyes are hungry ...
    along with many questions id ask .. one is about the secret dinner project.
    how dose the secret become whispered around, and how may one gain access to such an event. I am one to look for trouble and jump the fence and have done so on many occasions with freinds in search of a new and challenging atmosphere in which to exhibit art.so naturally i was in awe when i read your article.
    im a european, have been an exchange student and am still young enough to not know awkwardness,
    so to me it is no strange thing to casually try to confront you on these matters, your choice to not respond would only be your loss of a fellow adventurer and seeker of spontaneitouse beauty.
    so..what id like to say in the end is, if you ever need any help, an intern or would like to just offer a word of advice...please let me know.

  4. upon being an extra in an indie zombie movie, we shot right outside club desire. some old head from the block came by and gave us the generic what yall doin looking all dead speech. then he proceeded to blast us with knowledge about that area and the club and who used to play there and what famous people bought heroin and whores and brought them to the upper floors to party and how we would never have ever stepped foot in that neighborhood 20 plus years ago. all this being said while sitting in the middle of the flood torn dance floor..