(photos from the weeks that were upon returning)

It's good to be back:

- Hearing the phrase: "I'm a man's man" uttered in all seriousness.
- Watching an overweight mother eating the fries off her child's plate while the kid was distracted.
- Sitting across from a woman at the airport and watching as she simultaneously made a ring of food and trash around her, grabbed and jerked her kid around, and talked on her cell phone.
- Sign on a payphone: "Studio apartment available. Single pretty woman only."
- Being glad to be in a country with cheap fresh vegetables.
- Skinny dipping at Far Rockaway with the B.Q.B.C. (Brooklyn Queens Beach Club).
- There is now a turtle who lives in my kitchen. He's always staring at me.
- Monster Island Labor Day block party.
- These Are Powers playing in an alley under a railroad trestle.
- Riding fast late at night on the west side bike path, watching the lights of Jersey go by.
- Backyard BBQ with Brooklyn-style pool.
- My cat being "shell-shocked" from a flea infestation over the summer. She lives in the kitchen sink and tries to never touch the floor.
- Overheard from a cop to a man sitting on a milk crate: "So, you a married man?"
- NYC seems to still think vacant construction sites are better than old buildings.
- Getting an installation job on graveyard shifts, 6pm - 8am a few days in a row will mess you up.
- Seeing classrooms with "Be the change you want to see" posters while they run the A/C all night with the windows open.
- Missing Friday night because I didn't realize what day it was until after midnight.
- Culture-shock of going to the supermarket: full of large oxen-like people lumbering slowly around oblivious to anyone else, even their kids in tow who should obviously be in school right now.
- Getting caught riding in the rain still sucks.
- Going to some amazing performances on Governor's Island. Seeing Amaro from Eindhoven, and Marshall & Nona of Dark Dark Dark cooking and serving food for him in Dutch kitchen uniforms (wooden clogs).
- Shooting a Fashion Week party where Sarah from Parts & Labor/Noveller appeared to perform with her new band Cold Cave.
- More graveyard shifts.
- Going to see some friends give presentations at the Conflux Festival.
- Dark Dark Dark play a show, and it is so good.
- Checking out the Liger Beat "Cover Man Contest" party. Whoa.


• Nurses - Technicolor

A band's place at last.


  1. I'm off to Indonesia in Feb.
    I'm afraid to come home to the fat culture shock too.

    Although I will say last time I was on my way to southeast asia I saw a thai monk stuffing his face with a Big Mac in the LA airport - is there such thing as a pre-culture shock?

  2. The roadkill cat photo may trump the dead rats shot from a few years back -- that thing is straight gully.

  3. ahh..america..how fat you are..:)