(photos from the Tokyo tall bike building workshop)

Part two of Tokyo:

- Taku and Yoyo take us to a beach outside of Tokyo, where there are huge hawks dive-bombing people on the beach - trying to steal their food. Afterward we go to a traditional Japanese festival in the hills.
- Taku's shower is just a square tub he installed in his kitchen, next to his sink. The water comes out of the faucet that you angle over the tub and it drains through a pipe that you run out the apartment door. When not in use, you cover it with pieces of board and it's the kitchen counter.
- Late night noodle shops where you pre-pay at a vending machine.
- I like that police in Japan are the traditional kind you learned about in elementary school. They sit in their office, direct traffic, and give lost travelers (us) directions. . . very different from the municipal thugs we have in the US.
- Going to the opening of a fancy new bike shop, Geek Garage. The owner is really nice. Afterward we head to a hard-to-find bar owned by Westerners: Kinfolk.
- Greg and Conrad host a tall bike building workshop in the courtyard of a design school. Three tall bikes and a trailer are built in one day.
- Andrea joins us. Somehow her front wheel is too big for her fork and we think our departure will be delayed for a day while we find a replacement, but Andrea and I are able to swap wheels without a problem.
- A farewell dinner at Taku's.

Learn Japanese:
"Kampai" = Cheers.
"Chin-chin" = Male genitals.
"Sensei" = Master/teacher.
"Mizu" = Water.
"Sakana" = Fish.
"Onigiri" = Rice ball.
"Shoyu" = Soy sauce.
"Ikura" = How much?
"Nekojita" = Have the tongue of a cat (literally) - heat-sensitive mouth.
"Nekoze" = Have the back of a cat (literally) - bad posture/hunched back.


• Roky Erickson - Night Of The Vampire

A band's place at last.

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  1. it's funny cause things that are very natural for me but you see them from different viewpoint.for example noodle shops.I've never thought about them.