(photos from Tokyo)

We land in Tokyo before heading out on the road for the ride to Osaka:

- On the flight from Jakarta to Tokyo, I come down with the flu.
- It's hot in Tokyo, but really it's the near-100% humidity that gets you. It's so intense you can't ever really get dry. Various parts of my bike and some of my tools start to rust.
- Meeting up with friends of Nova (one of our friends in Indonesia) in Japan who promptly take us in to their homes and show us around Tokyo.
- Meeting Kei, who runs the activist space and info shop Irregular Rhythm Asylum in Tokyo. He promptly plans a party for us for the coming weekend.
- Going to a really good vegan brunch prepared by Yoyo in a bar on the one day that it is closed during the week.
- Taking my first hot shower in over a month, in a coin-operated booth at a laundromat.
- Getting caught in the rain while riding around Yoyogi Park. We take shelter under a pedestrian overpass and pass out, when we wake up we are surrounded by harmonizing groups practicing.
- Experiencing my first earthquake.
- Running into Mattias (of Road Kill Bikers) randomly on the street during one of his "Speed Night" group bike rides. We had been trying to find the club Conrad was DJing at that night, and Mattias promptly showed him the way.
- The party that Kei helps organize for us is at a little cafe called Lavanderia. Conrad DJs and I show photos while people take turns riding the tall bikes. It's gets big enough and crowded enough that the cops show up in response to a noise complaint.

Learn Japanese:
"Konichiwa" = Hello.
"Sumimasen" = Excuse me.
"Wakarimasen" = I don't understand.
"Arigato" = Thank you.
"Gomennasi" = Sorry.
"Hai" = Yes.
"Iie" = No (pronounced Eeyae).


I know the movie takes place in Hong Kong and not Japan, but it's still a good fit.

• Shigeru Umebayashi - Yumeji's Theme


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