(photos from our trip to and time in Bali)

We leave the road for a little r & r:

- Night swimming in Bali.
- Cramming five of us (secretly) into a 2-twin bed room at a hostel which was a bunch of free-standing rooms decorated to look like temples separated by tiny alleys filled with birds in cages. Ira tried to sleep in a rooftop shrine he found, but decided the floor was better the next night.
- Riding pretty far to go to the market in Denpassar and getting there just as they closed.
- Feeling that if we stayed in Kuta too long we'd probably end up getting into a fight.
- Another friendly stranger taking Greg all over Sengiggi on the back of his scooter to help us find a room. He wouldn't even let Greg pay for his pack of cigarettes as a thank you.
- All the affordable places in Sengiggi were full, but the nice woman at Sonja's Hostel let us sleep on the (concrete) floor in a back room next door to some of the workers for free.
- Ira chasing a gecko all over our neighbor's room at Sonja's while we were hanging out with them.
- Meeting a bunch of very friendly devout Muslims returning from a religious conference on the four hour ferry to Lombok.
- Having to wade to and from the little wooden ferry boat to the Gili islands, since there isn't a dock it just pulls up close to the beach.
- On the islands are a fair number of bikes, but none of them have brakes. The only other form of transportation is horse-drawn cart.
- Being without out bikes for the first time on this trip feels weird (it was too expensive to get them to Bali).
- We find the Gili islands to be much more expensive than we were led to believe. So we sleep on the beach on these cabana platforms and eat at a local woman's house a bartender introduced us to.
- We are educated on the local cock-fighting tournaments.
- Lots of wooden outrigger-style canoes that use plastic bottles for their pontoon and coconut shells for the end cap.
- Being able to see tons of stars and the milky way out on the islands.
- I come within inches of stepping on a poisonous banded sea snake while wading in the tide pools.
- Going snorkeling and getting stung repeatedly by small jellyfish.
- The reefs are huge expanses of dead grey ghost towns, devastated from illegal dynamite and cyanide fishing.
- Having to climb over piles of broken coral in bare feet is quite unpleasant.
- Back in Bali, Greg gets picked up by a friendly deaf guy on a scooter who helps him find a mask, and later turns out to have a crush on him.
- We sleep on the beach on our last night in Bali, in what turns out to be a spot infested with stinging ants and sketchy dudes in the shadows all night.


• Bat For Lashes - Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon cover)

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