(photos from our night time excursion through the Grand Canal of Venice)

Venice gives us some magic moments:

- "Dangerous Hippies."
- We are invited to the vacationy island of Lido for a spaghetti dinner. What ends up happening is a wine-and-opium fueled co-ed bath party that eventually ends up skinny-dipping under a full moon in a very cold ocean.
- Alice breaking her prop on a dock and Maria, Doyle has it fixed the next day.
- Invading the Arsenal art fair by coming in through the back door to the inner lagoon by water. We circle on all three rafts while Dark Dark Dark performed (fully amplified) on the top of Maria. It was pretty amazing, and definitely seemed to be a crowning moment of sorts... sailing into the heart of these large impenetrable art institutions and presenting an alternative to the over-thought empty art filling the cavernous hangers. My favorite part was the guy on shore who hastily made a hand-made sign that said "Take me with you!" Unfortunately the whole thing turned kind of sour after we docked on the edge of the lagoon to hand out fliers for our performances and give Ben his birthday cake. An employee of the Arsenal suddenly appeared and cut the rope holding Maria. Luckily there were fast-acting crew there to keep her from drifting out with the band on top. We took the cue and left.
- Going to visit Chicken John in Bologna and having my best meal in Italy so far, thanks to his recommendation.
- Harrison and Mortimer getting arrested while distracting cops that were headed for Adina after she did a performance in San Marco Square. They were booked for resisting arrest, which seems odd considering that you should need to be getting arrested for something to resist in the first place?
- Getting a tour of Mateus' boat building workshop.
- The skiff reappearing one block from where it was "stolen" (aka lost while drunk).
- Some crew finding an abandoned orphanage by pressing the wrong button in an elevator while visiting some Biennale exhibits.
- Old Hickory broke the bearing-collar on its prop shaft. Paul da Plumber made a stand-in with some random collar-ish thing and heavily greased rope to act as bearings.
- Taking the Grand Canal of Venice at 3:30am on Saturday night. It was silent and empty except for a few sulking night acqua buses. The rafts barely cleared the bridges, Old Hickory even scraped the underside of the Rialto a bit. Seeing the rafts slinking along framed against the aging and murkily lit buildings on the canal was possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Our return back out of the canal came just as dawn was breaking.
- "Did we just go through the Grand Canal with a bearing made out of rope? Today was so fucked up."
- After the Grand Canal ride, we made a pit stop on Lido for coffee and french fries.


• Donovan - Season Of The Witch

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  1. I forgot about the "take me with you" guy! loved him.