(photos from the performances that took place in various parts of Venice on the rafts)

On our way out of Venice and leaving life on the rafts:

- Our time is up on Certosa, so we move across the channel to Lido and camp on the beach. There are actual king sized beds on the beach covered in plastic for some resorty thing. We think we are totally set until some guys show up to kick us out. They are really apologetic about it, but will lose their job if they don't get us out. We move down a bit and scatter among the weird beach umbrella stands. We wake up at dawn and head to the boats to make our 6am departure time to make it to our deconstruction site.
- We limp slowly past Venice and over to the mainland due to Maria's barely-fixed bearing issue. With Paul da Plumber's departure I am filling in for him as the captain of Maria. It's slow-but-steady going, and we pass an island with an abandoned hospital on it that catches everyone's eye.
- We land in the town of Fusina at a boat yard in the middle of an industrial sector. The guys running the yard are constantly freaking out on us, convinced we are going to take too long to dismantle the rafts, are making a mess, etc. It is ridiculously hot and people get sunburned and heat sick.
- We end up staying at the hostel/squat La Revolta in Marghera, the main road of which it's on is lined with tons of prostitutes, about 2-5 on every block.
- Fusina/Marghera area = Newark, NJ but in Italy.
- Ending up at a church fundraiser fair in a square in Venice. Orien gets some new threads from the rummage sale.
- Bonfire/BBQ/camp out on the beach on Certosa, until it gets shut down by the fire brigade, who appeared from the woods as a mass of flashlights.
- Giving the Director of Publications and Special Projects from the Peggy Guggenheim Museum knuckle tattoos with a paint marker during a game of "knucks."
- "We're not pirates, we just come in and break everything."
- Going out wheat-pasting all over Venice in the little skiff boat, ending at dawn on an island graveyard.
- Exploring a huge abandoned aluminum factory.
- Getting a dawn ride to the bus station in the skiff boat, with a pit stop for some wheat-pasting on what's left of a house crumbling into the canal.
- Swat-team-style cops stop and search me in London as part of terrorism prevention. I was standing around in front of a desk at the checked luggage drop point too long, apparently. I was waiting for the guy on duty to come back so I could be sure my bag wasn't left there unattended.
- Complete cluster-fck trying to get home: no night bus = expensive cab, no ticket on express train = local train that stops for an extra two hours causing me to miss my flight, Luftansa won't rebook me till my third try hours later = ALMOST miss the last flight to NYC and have to sleep in Heathrow airport.


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