(photos from the Adriatic and entering Venice)

And the rafts keep movin' on:

- Gluing + duct-taping my shoes together for the third time this trip. Eventually I work out a combination of zip-ties and copper wire retainers.
- Finding some amazing old weapons charts in an abandoned customs station.
- Fried pizza. Yes it's that good.
- Napping and I do not get along.
- A snake set up home on Old Hickory for a bit in all the nooks and crannies.
- Waking up one morning to a giant sword fish head hanging on the shore next to the rafts.
- Having a Venetian lecture series on board, where every night someone can present info on any topic related to Italy. Conrad's lecture on Italian disco turns out to be a trick to have a DJ Dirtyfinger dance party on Alice. Complete with crowd surfing, climbing the structure, and propane-balloon-fireballs.
- Making up dances corresponding to parts of the trip: "Whip a shitty" = turn in a circle, "Do the Robin" = hold your hand up in the air as if you were protecting your injured thumb from getting bumped on the dance floor, "Pickles" = bite people around you like a rabid swan, "Kill the cat" = act like your pounding something with a paddle.
- The warning whenever someone is climbing something sketchy = "Built by clowns!"
- Moving from "Torre di Fine" (The Final Tower) to "Laguna di Morte" (Lagoon of Death).
- "There are some things you just can't unsee." (referring to a crew member taking a shit off the raft)
- Homemade hot chocolate, fireballs, and medical repairs.
- One of the crew had found a dead cat and brought it to the boats for the Cabinet of Curiosities. Before heading to Venice, there was some dead-stuff house-cleaning and the cat ended up over the side of the boat. It floated around between the rafts for a bit, until Paul the Plumber tried to sink it by pounding it with a paddle repeatedly. When that didn't work, Orien took over and repeatedly backed the skiff over it, trying to cut it up with the prop.
- Connie ramming into the coast guard boat while driving our safety boat during our first entrance into Venice. She was trying to tell them to chill out.
- We arrive in Venice, all in one piece, for the most part.


• Mayyors - Ghost Punch

A band's place is no longer myspace.

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  1. how in the hell does one join you? are you just a bunch of lively people simply living it up, or do you serve some purpose on your water travels?