(photos from the May 1st celebration in Slovenia and raft-in-progress)

Slovenia continues. . .

- Breathing fireballs of "grappa" (homemade liquor) into the fire drum.
- Snails in your tent.
- Shark steak, black wine and elderberry tea.
- "Crowd Control" = chocolate wafer cookies dipped in grappa, lit on fire, then consumed as dessert.
- Almost stepping on a leaking squid lying on the dock at night.
- Tony Bones making a flying dive off of his moving bike to capture a hedgehog in his hat.
- May 1st is big a national holiday in Slovenia, marked by giant bonfires the night before. It apparently has something to do with warding off bad spirits and the end of winter.
- Hanging out at a giant bonfire on the edge of the sea, meeting friendly locals and talking about black metal.
- Trying to sneak in to shower at the nearby campground with Doyle on a tall bike. His chain pops off just as we are passing in front of the guards at the main gate, who look at this six+ foot guy riding the six foot tall bike. . . and choose to say nothing.
- A friendly Italian gentleman stopping by on his bike tour to Greece and making turkish coffee and asparagus omelets for us.
- Planning our future Slovenian presentation.
- Booty-bass dancing on the soccer bleachers.
- The soccer field clubhouse next to us BLASTING cheezy dance music till early in the morning. Who knew the town of Ankaran had it's own theme song?
- Our little inflatable dinghy is named "Regardless."
- Spiders in your tent.
- Frannie of the Cutthroats dropping by on her European bike tour.
- Exploring the gypsy dump and finding some new clothes along with a female torso cast.
- Getting 30 liters of wine in a giant glass bottle from a gas pump dispenser.
- Having dinner in the middle of Old Hickory under red light.


• 13th Floor Elevators - Baby Blue

A band's place in myspace.


  1. WOWOWOWOWWWWW! I love the picture-links, it's so exciting. Old Hickory is looking outta controoool good. Send my regards.

  2. "slut riot" um what?

  3. Hey if see Orien, will you tell him that Winnie says hi.
    Much abliged. xx
    Travel safe

  4. suckapants loves a good slut and a good riot. so: slut riots. no mystery there. i think those are popular with all the boys in the crew.