(photos from days of traveling by dinghy along the coast)

From Slovenia to scouting our route to Venice along the Adriatic coast:

- Italy is winning for the cutest old people.
- When using your shirt as a pillow, make sure you take all the drywall screws out of your pocket first.
- Gelato and big moustaches don't go well together. Neither do moustaches and puking.
- Gianni the friendly fisherman in Grato tipping us off to great spots to go in the lagoon.
- Overheard from one of the crew: "It can't sink, it's a boat!"
- When campgrounds sound luxurious.
- Squat toilets and I just don't get along.
- Puking and driving a skiff at the same time is difficult.
- The friendly brothers of the Da Mira restaurant letting me sleep in their parking lot during the day while recovering from my attack of sun-sickness.
- Almost sleeping at the end of a pier with a lighthouse, but opting for some cement behind a shed at a kayak place because it was a lot closer.
- Vacation beaches completely covered with umbrella tables and lawn chairs.
- The guy walking all the way down a dock with a dog biting him in the ankle.
- An old man in a campground teaching us how to cook and eat the flowers from a tree he was picking.
- Climbing all over an old bridge and lock with our tape measure.
- Navigating the canals after nightfall in our tiny boat by searchlight.
- Sleeping on some raw scrubby beach and being awoken by a guy on a dirt bike who took off with Arielle's ID.
- Meeting an old man living in an old traditional thatched fisherman's hut on the canal. His family had built the shack and had lived there for 100 years. He fed us fish, bread, wine and coffee and told us stories of WWII.
- Meeting the nice manager of a campsite in Caorle (who is in the hard rock band Wonder) and talking Italian politics.
- Being mistaken for the pony-tailed gardener at the campground (if you know what I look like, you'll understand why this is funny).
- After scouting in a bathtub-sized boat for days along the canals and Adriatic shores of the Friuli and Veneto regoins of Italy, our ride back to Slovenia and the rafts cancels after they put diesel fuel in a van that only runs on benzine.
- Showering and changing some clothes for the first time in seven days really does make you feel like a new man.

You can follow our progress on our spankin' new Flickr account that I have been managing/contributing to.

Learn some Italian:
Ciao (chow) = Hello/goodbye
Grazi = Thanks
Scuzi = Excuse me
Prego = Please/you're welcome
Non parlo Italiano = I don't speak Itialian
Perfecto = Perfect
Dove il negozio di ferramenti? = Where is the hardware store?
Barca = Boat
Zatera = Raft
Bagnolo = Tiny bathtub
Orrmeggiare = To dock
Vietato = Not allowed
Pescatore = Fisherman
Isola = Island
Spiaggia = Beach
Oro = Gold
Ponte = Bridge
Acqua = Water
Marea = Tide
Benzine = Gas
Bambini = Baby
Bellisima = Most pretty


• Liquid Drip - I'm That Type Of Guy (LL Cool J)

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  1. wow that sounds brutal, the way you tell it.

    italian is the most fun language to speak (or to try and speak)

    i heard about a place you would really really like in japan. will you be around osaka at all?

    also the boredoms are playing a show during the eclipse in july. it's on an island that's sorta far off the mainland. maybe the three of you will be so good with boats by then you can just build a little anarchy raft and sail there yourself, eclipse-mania price-gougers be damned. i was going to go but then heard the cost to get to the island may be 3k from TOKYO! and i think they're limiting access for foreigners. bor-ing.

  2. SHAVE it.

  3. i'm still here to correct your italian :D


    that's all, bye!