(a partially-completed Alice sits quietly on the Slovenian coast)

Raft building in Slovenia:

- Being stopped trying to carry-on small silk screens on to the plane, "You could hit someone with them."
- Long ride in an overloaded hot-wired van with many pee stops.
- Hanging out with "Pusher" cooking shark and sardines over a fire drum.
- Power tools in the rain.
- Red pepper & ? "muck" sauce is popular.
- Who knew ginger in fruit salad could taste so good?
- Some great finds from the local flea market.
- Shipping containers make great workshops/sheds, but are kind of cold to sleep in.
- Clogging/breaking the squat-style toilet at the marina. Not even the professional plumber in the crew could fix it.
- Graduating down to a shit-bucket, even before we are on the water.
- A lot of locals wandering by to see what we are up to.
- The new raft, "Old Hickory," is kind of huge.
- The scrapping crew running into a lady calling the cops on them, accusing them of trying to steal the scrap wood in her garbage. Conrad explains the project to her as best he can (language barrier) and shows her photos of the rafts. After questioning their sanity, she sends them on with "You are good boys. You go."

Learn some Slovenian:
Hello = "Dobradon"
Thank you (very much) = "Hvalla (liepa)"
Hello, I think I love you = "Pozdravljeni, mislim, da te ljubim"


• Moby - Sailin' On

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