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My friend Nick is doing an interesting project at the ICA this weekend in Boston. He is offering open submission to his magazine, Article, and anything submitted will be distributed. Details below.


This Saturady in Boston is the ICA/AIGA's Design as Social Agent Day. It is a day of events surrounding Shepard Fairey's retrospective show Supply and Demand. There are a lot of amazing designers and artists speaking and some good events.

As part of the day, Article Magazine will be setting up drop boxes around the museum to collect contributions for their next issue. Anything placed in the boxes will be distributed in a single copy of the next issue. Any submissions that catch their eye will be included in the print issue and distributed with all copies. The boxes will be up only for Saturday during the Design as Social Agent Day.


Saturday, April 4, 10 am - 5 pm

Through a full day of presentations, interviews, gallery tours, author talks, and more, this program considers the place of Shepard Fairey's work in a powerful design history of civic empowerment and resistance, seeks to understand how images resonate and gain momentum, examines the latest trends in communication and messaging, and discusses the implicit challenges of social agency in design.

Featuring speakers from fields of design, street art, music, and advertising, the programs explore the intersection of visual culture and social transformation, and how our understanding of originality, plagiarism, legality, and the artistic process has been exploded.



• Peaches - Search And Destroy

A band's place in myspace.

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