(photos from the last few days with the Newmore Switchblades, more here)

Newmore Switchblades tour - part 2:

- Grabbing dinner at Rosetta's Kitchen in Ashville, NC where they had pay-what-you-wish soup and corn bread.
- Zipco bringing a lazer-sighted pellet gun to the show and shooting people when they least expected it. Feels a bit like a bee sting and leaves a nice welt many days later.
- Meeting some interesting characters outside of the venue in Ashville, including a guy trying to sell us a bag of "Soapium" which was a small bar of soap in a plastic bag.
- Immediately after crossing the border in to Alabama, stopping to buy fireworks.
- Ty of Team Robespierre: "Sometimes you talk so much shit that I have to get unsick to talk shit to you before I can go back to being sick."
- Team Robespierre gets some smoke-bomb-treatment in their van in Birmingham.
- Jason from Team Robespierre waking up drunk in the van after the show and banging on the door to the house to get in at 4am. . . only it was the wrong house. They call the cops but when the police arrive their cruiser breaks down.
- Another bit of equipment disaster on the photo front: while someone is packing my bag in the van, it comes open and my pouch falls out, containing my chargers and external hard drive with all the tour photos on it. It gets placed on the hood and is not seen again. I spend the next night looking for it and trying to recover what photos I can from my memory cards.


• Tilly And The Wall - Beat Control

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  1. ouch man - this trip is killing your gear...

  2. soapium! That's something Merin would surely invent. Buuuuut we didn't. Patent pending on unicornicopia, among others;)

  3. damn, this tour looks fun as hell. really wish i could have tagged along. it's really funny to see bands like ninjasonik and CB to play at venues outside new york. all the diff people