(photos from SXSW: ecstatic crowd at Matt & Kim; Matt & Kim; Pre; Valient Thorr; The Mae Shi; Team Robespierre (x2); Cerebral Ballzy; Team Robespierre; Golden Error; She Rides; Annihilation Time (x2); The Vivian Girls (x2); Trash Talk; Dark Meat; Pre; Popo; Japanther; Ponytail; The Homosexuals; Mika Miko; Todd P; Mic on mat; Aids Wolf; Finally Punk; Gabe's head wound; Monotonix (x4); passed out at the Vice party; and if that wasn't too much, there's more here)

The tail-end of the Newmore Switchblades tour into SXSW 2009:

- When someone hits on you with their opening line being how you look too old to be at this show too... You know that you're looking a little too tour-weary.
- Meeting the friendly (and mildly toothless) $10 prostitute working at Saturn Bar.
- Having the owner of the Saturn Bar threaten to do bodily harm to more than one person in our group on several occasions. And no one thought he was kidding.
- While some of us catch a couple hours of sleep before the 9 hour drive to Austin, some of Cerebral Ballzy head out to Bourbon St. In the morning there are reports of alternately getting flashed and attacked on the street by different(?) women.
- While leaving New Orleans headed to Austin, I realize my camera has totally crapped out. Nothing works on it, no buttons, no focusing, no LCD screen. I'm on my way to SXSW with no camera. Great.
- Getting splashed in the face with horse piss.
- Finally, after four years of SXSW, finding real free BBQ.
- Going to see Annihilation Time, The Vivian Girls and Trash Talk play a late night show on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. Right before the first band starts, they toss dozens of free pairs of Converse shoes into the crowd. And the deluge of flying shoes starts promptly during the first song.
- About two songs in to The Vivian Girls set, Cassie hints that it's okay to dance to their music. A girl sticks her head through the crowd and shrilly asks "You really want us to dance?" For the rest of their set there is a mosh pit frothing to their music, getting to the point that the band gets knocked down a couple times. Guess that means that The Vivian Girls are officially punk, huh?
- Gabe (the drummer from Cerebral Ballzy) getting his forehead split open by a flying traffic cone, spending the entire night waiting in the ER for stitches, and then going straight to an early day show and rocking the f*ck out.
- Total Abuse having to cancel the one show I planned to see them at after one of their members gets arrested.
- Going to Black Label's first Austin bike event over at the Amtrak station, until some workers show up and kick everyone out. Tall bike jousting on the Lamar pedestrian bridge follows.
- Thank you to Dustin (Best Fwends/Total Abuse) for letting Ballzy and myself crash on his floor.
- The kid who brought his BMX into the crowd with him during Black Lips at Mess With Texas, which resulted in a steady stream of people tumbling over it in the dark.
- Realizing that I only took photos of about half the bands I saw, which was pretty unusual for me.
- Annihilation Time's singer taking a soupy shit on stage at the Vice party.
- The sadistic genius of putting cacti as decorations in a dark space full of drunk people.
- Sneaking into the hot tub at the Hyatt (scenically located on the Austin River).
- Cleaning up the yard where MyOpenBar.com had their festival in exchange for a place to sleep, even when that meant getting up at 6am after going to sleep at 3am.
- Stumbling sick to the airport in paint-splattered clothing caked with mud so thick you can't tell what kind of shoes I was wearing (more about why in the next post).

- Best show: a tie between MyOpenBar's Four Square Punk and Timmy's Lamar bridge show.
- Worst show: FMLY at Hi-Lo, rough sets and rough crowd.
- Best new band: B.o.B. (if Kanye was less cheezy, maybe)
- Most difficult band to shoot: Trash Talk, too many flying elbows/feet/bodies to even get close.
- Most intimidating: the Fader Fort.
- Least intimidating: Todd P's festival at Ms. Bea's.
- Best (and only) free thing: BBQ at the Battle of the Bands.
- Most valuable asset: Progress Coffee.
- Worst venue: Ballet Austin.
- Best food: East Side Pies (who knew pizza could be that good?).
- Biggest let down: the Vice party, partially because last year it was so good.
- Best way to end SXSW: sneaking into a fancy hotel's hot tub.


• Royalchord - I'd Rather Go Blind

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  1. splashed in the face with horse piss? seriously? i would pay to see that.

  2. i'm with you 100% on all this! thanks 4 the memories, as pete wentz would say...

    p.s. at our cmj party there was a (mild) mosh pit for the vivian girls there too...

  3. KILLER! Pics...love all your work. Sir you are a jeenyus and I mean that with utmost respect.


  4. "Stumbling sick to the airport in paint-splattered clothing caked with mud so thick you can't tell what kind of shoes I was wearing (more about why in the next post)."

    It's pretty easy to guess why. That was a sick party, def highlight of SXSW for me.

    "Worst show: FMLY at Hi-Lo, rough sets and rough crowd."

    Fuck you. Cody did a damn good job getting a shitload of bands from LA (some that aren't even associated with FMLY), the crowd wasn't rough, it was the space that was shit. Can't argue with all-night free vodka. The worst thing was Japanther not showing up.

  5. "Worst show: FMLY at Hi-Lo, rough sets and rough crowd."

    I was only there for Ninjasonik and heard about Cerebral Ballzy's mess of a set (in place of Death Set playing). I actually didn't see or hear about any other band's that actually played that night. If I'd seen more of the show I might not have felt that way, And yeah, the venue was pretty crap, I agree.

  6. These are my fav pics from you in awhile, Trash Talk blew up so fast, you're at the grog tonight?

  7. supp todd, i actually just made my way back to ny from sxsw...took long enough. i keep updated with your blog and to see what i do make it on your radar is pretty awesome, even if we did put on the "worst show."

    i'm the blog manager for fmly as well as an event coordinator. we're a bi-coastal music collective that tries our best with the little we have. we've never been to austin and never been to sxsw so i think that finding a space in general was pretty sweet let alone creating a lineup of our pals, bands we love and somehow reaching capacity 3/4's of the night.

    maybe it was the free vodka or the cutie blonde girl standing next to me, but out of the 30 or 40something times i've seen ninjasonik i thought this was one of the best. yeah the venue could have been better, but you should have seen it before we got there! the stage was supposed to be in the corner where the hood internet was dj'ing so we spent hours on thursday bringing in the equipment and creating a stage that had never been done there before.

    didn't think the crowd was rough at all, this was one of the only ninjasonik shows i came out of without any cuts or scrapes and mason's technical difficulties added so much character to cerebral ballzy's set that it might have even been one of the best shows of the week. and please disregard what vladimir wrote, although it was with good intentions i wish for no fuck yous, and there's seriously no way that i'm going to let him give cody credit for that show. we're a fmly and we support each other so this couldn't have been done if not for you, the artist who made the flyer, if kev had never met ja or noel who was covering sound for the night.

    i'm 100% on your side about the venue. first of all, FUCK venues. now that we know the city a bit it's either a house, fiesta, backyard or nothing. i'd rather have the aesthetic than the free alcohol.

    again, thanks for coming, it's seriously an honor. we work mostly in la but i'll let you know when some new york shit comes up. oh, and those matt&kim shots are the most epic i've ever seen, but i'd expect no less from you.

  8. oh, and i meant to add fuck what it means to ‘go big,’ fuck charging $10+ dollars for a concert, fuck watching a band and just standing there, fuck the vip, fuck private gigs, fuck charging more than $15 for vinyl, fuck backstage passes, fuck stages in the ass, fuck sound and lighting guys who work solely for the paycheck and thank you so much to sound and lighting guys who love what they do, fuck age restrictions, fuck anywhere that doesn’t allow you to byob, fuck the fire marshall and fuck the police.

    see you soon