(photos from the Brooklyn and Baltimore shows of the Newmore Switchblades tour, more here)

Newmore Switchblades tour - part 1:

- Honor taking over half an hour to pee in a Gatorade bottle in the van.
- Swinging by the Copy Cat Annex after the show in Baltimore for a quick surreal black light dance party.
- Hitting up the 24-hour Subway and watching people shuffle in wearing their pajamas.
- Crashing at Joey's (ex-Death Set) place in Baltimore where everything was candle-lit because they didn't have any electricity.
- First out of town show (Baltimore) the mirror in my camera breaks off. Second show (Virginia Beach) my external hard drive starts corrupting my photo files. Kind of worried about the third show at this point.
- Cerebral Ballzy opening at the practically empty Virginia Beach show: "I'd like to thank the staff of The Jewish Mother for coming out to our show. You could have called in sick, but instead you're here."
- An all-out brawl breaks out right before The Death Set's last song at The Jewish Mother. A drunk audience member took offense to something said by the drummer and got a little too physical about it. The chef ended up hauling the guy out after the fists and feet had stopped flying, but he still smashed a window on another audience member's car on his way out. Injuries sustained by the bands were minor, bruised faces and busted knuckles.
- Nothing easier to fall asleep to than the all-knowing accents of the BBC.
- I haven't spent time in a mall in a while, but apparently you can't wear your hood up in malls anymore.
- Roadside panhandlers have to get permits and wear orange reflective vests in Durham, NC.
- Crashing at TJ's house in Durham. Woke up to tons of rain, skateboarding in the garage, and Totally Michael's car window falling down in the night = a soggy interior.


• The Knux - Bang! Bang!

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  1. I was at the vb show. that shit sucked. I hate that vb douchebag... forever.

  2. Also was there...never been run out of a venue before. Still, had a good time. Sucks that you'll probably never come back.

  3. Interesting blog.I had to look at everything! Great energy in this sight!