(photos from the "Love Your Lane" Valentine's Day party by Times Up at the Autumn Bowl, including (pictured) naked skateboarding, the So So Glos, Team Robespierre, and DJs K-Tel and Team Free Danger, more here)

So how was your Valentine's Day?


Does this song make anyone else suddenly feel transported to driving a car at night through Alligator Alley in Florida, or is it just me?

• Doveman - Holding Out For A Hero

A band's place in myspace.


  1. bummer,
    Austin called and invited me to this,
    I was eating brunch in LA and told him I dont think I'd make it in time. Looked like a blast

  2. god, i miss aligator alley. we used to drive 115 miles an hour on that road and throw m80s at 16 wheelers when they drove by.

    fucking florida
    it fucking rules.

    one time a friend brought a handgun and we'd shoot it out the window like we were the last people alive.

    real life fun.