(photos from the New Years Eve bike rodeo, Dirty Deuce 2, in New Orleans, full gallery here)

Dirty Deuce 2, the second New Years Bike Rodeo in New Orleans:

- Consistent favorites like Foot Down, Chariot Races, Six-pack Attack.
- DJed by Dirtyfringer from NYC and local booty-banger Rusty Lazer.
- Newest event: the obstacle course that included crossing over the Staph Pool on a tiny plank. I don't know what exactly was in the Staph Pool, but it stank strongly of dead animal and raw sewage.
- Biggest difference between this bike rodeo and most others: the constant stream of fireworks going off, mostly into the crowd. One guys hair caught on fire, and another guy had a roman candle explode in his armpit, burning through a couple layers of clothing.
- Most seasonal activity: jumping the burning xmas tree.
- The whole thing eventually disintegrated into a giant dance party, before relocating to the Hi Ho Lounge for the after party.


Blood Ceremony: what if Black Sabbath had flutes?

Bands I got turned on to in New Orleans, but can't find their music available anywhere. All hints are appreciated.

- Wizard Sleeve (Alabama?)
- Guitar Lightning (New Orleans)
- Ibi Na Bo (Domino sound 023)

• Blood Ceremony - Return To Forever

A band's place in myspace.


  1. I don't know about the others, but here is the myspace page for Wizzard Sleeve (note the 2 z's):


  2. Hi
    I am a friend of Kerstin from Eindhoven. I really digg your Blog. Love your bike and live photos.
    Hello from Berlin,

  3. what a bunch of tools...