(and even more photos from the F*** Yeah Fest Tour, Birmingham, Gainesville, and Tampa)

The tour has been going pretty well. No major catastrophes, and we haven't left anyone at a gas station, yet. Although we did get thoroughly stuck for a while leaving Birmingham when the bus tried turning into a driveway and the trailer hit the incline on the ground and lifted the rear wheels of the bus off the ground (and its a rear wheel vehicle). But after attempts by everyone ranging from good old-fashioned pushing to laying logs under the wheels to asking a nearby fire station for help, we were eventually saved by a AAA tow truck and a helpful passerby with a magic touch for our dipstick.

The biggest bummer of the trip was probably last night in Gainesville. Tony Weinbender (Gainesville promoter) decided for some reason to be a giant dick. I've toured with bands and dealt with venues in NYC and this guy is winning for "biggest asshole." When you call yourself a promoter, that usually means you tell people about the shows you book, respect the bands, and you don't book bands that you've booked before and then freak out when they do what you know they're going to do. And no one cares if you "do the fest" dude, it doesn't give you license to be a prick. If you are a band or booker I would highly advise avoiding this two faced jerk.

Matt & Kim perform "Silver Tiles" live and acoustic.

On the bus on the F*** Yeah Fest tour 2008.


How could Ratatat put out a new album and I not post something from it? Simply impossible.

• Ratatat - Schiller

A band's place in myspace.



(more photos from the F*** Yeah Fest Tour, Winston-Salem NC and Atlanta)

- Being grateful for when I get to share Matt & Kim's hotel room.
- Having a crowd surfer come crashing down on my head and neck at the Baltimore show (can't defend yourself too well with a camera in your hand). You're supposed to jump out into the crowd buddy, not just collapse on them. My neck is still pretty messed up.
- Seeing Ms. Rabbit in Baltimore is always nice.
- Hanging out with Dan Deacon and his sister at his house.
- Going on a late night grease/fuel run.
- Being woken up by two middle-age ladies standing over me asking each other if they thought I was okay. I had fallen asleep in Krankies Coffee the night before, not realizing that the show space was also where the coffee shop patrons hung out as well. I found my pants, gathered my things, and retreated to the hard tile floor upstairs so as to not creep them out any more than I already had.
- Whirlyball = the least athletic sport I've encountered. No running or even walking, you drive around the court in an electric bumper car trying to hit a target with a wiffle ball. Kind of like if you were a paraplegic, except that you're not.
- The Bottletree is an amazing venue in Birmingham, really friendly people, massage chairs, good food, and an Airstream trailer for the bands with beds and CLEAN SOCKS.
- Sleeping under Bottletree Rebecca's kitchen table in Birmingham was a good idea, you're kind of sheltered from whatever chaos is going on around you.
- Having to explain to a cop in Roswell, GA that I was powerless to stop Monotonix from creating a parade of their show down the weird mall hallway.
- Being mistaken for a fire fighter after I went to the station to ask for help when the bus got stuck. I didn't realize we were all wearing the exact same thing (dark blue pants and dark blue tshirts with white lettering) and they had shaved heads too.
- After disconnecting the gear trailer, realizing that pointing it downhill at yourself was not the best place to put it.
- Only on minor injury so far, a cut in the fold of my thumb.
- Picking up a few new nicknames already.
- Meeting a couple fans of Sucka Pants at shows.
- Having massive difficulty editing photos because of this lemon of a computer Apple sold me (and won't repair or replace it).
- Holding on to my tour regime of a V8 every day.
- Being really glad to get to hang out with Ryan of the Homestead in Pensacola again.
- Sean possibly missing his flight back to LA because I made him let me take his portrait.
- Johnny doing body shots off of Homestead Ryan, and then picking the curly stomach hair out of his mouth.
- Jury-rigging an inverter on the bus' battery, with the cables running in one of the emergency exit windows on the outside of the bus.

Monotonix performing in Washington DC.

Team Robespierre performing in Washington DC.

Ami of Monotonix rocks out to the F*** Yeah Fest Tour Bus' theme song "Too Fast For Love".


Something that's been on people's minds on this tour. It is, after all, 27 people and only three girls in the bunch.

• E.S.L. - Girls

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