(photos from lovely New Orleans, including the Termite & Vine squat and performance by the Little Lambs)

Things have been quiet around here, and for good reason kind of. New Orleans was an interesting trip, with veritable ups and downs. But after spending an evening in Orleans Parish Prison I had to admit defeat (more on that later, maybe). Some great kids in NOLA, and it is truly one of the most beautiful and unique places in America. However it kicked my ass so I got the hell out. Headed to Richmond next for Slaughterama with Matt & Kim. Should be a good pick me up. Now if my knee would just heal up I'd be back on track.

ps. Thanks to a buddy of mine, all of my lost photos were recovered. So we will be seeing some SXSW and Skidmarxxx in the near future. Lesson learned: don't trust iPods to be portable hard drives. And anyone that will help you out with data recovery when they are puking-sick is a true friend.


There's very little that can compare to a band whose sound you really love doing a cover of a song you really love. This is off that aforementioned Cardboard Records compilation. I told you it was good (new Japanther track too!).

• Shooting Spires - Sailin' On

A band's place in myspace.



(photos from Chief Mag's mud wrestling event at Galapagos with Ninjasonik, full gallery here)

Well, while most of my photos from the past week of Austin fun are M.I.A., it does give me a chance to post these photos that I had totally forgotten to put up before I left town. Chief Magazine threw this little shindig in Brooklyn, and well, it's pretty self-explanatory really.


No idea why I wanted to post this, but it just seemed to make sense.

• The Dollytrots - Brand New Key



(NOLA has it down when it comes to gnarly)

I woke up this morning to get my SXSW pictures posted, and discovered that my ipod/external hard drive had mysteriously "disappeared" all of my SXSW photos, along with my shots of the Skidmarxxx's first Bike Kill/mud wrestling party (yes it was as awesome as it sounds).

Just like that - Poof!

So no SXSW or Skidmarxxx photos for you guys, or anyone else for that matter. Sorry.


In light of recent circumstances, things might be a bit quiet around here for a while. So I wanted to make sure I shared this with you before things go dark. Possibly the most slept-on stand-out performers at SXSW. After all, Spank Rock, Diplo and Cadence Weapon can't all be wrong. . .

• Ninjasonik - Holla For A Dolla

A band's place in myspace.



(Obama poster on an abandoned house)

It's not often I see something that I think of as a statement. But this is a rare exception. I stumbled across this while being lost in East Austin, Texas. (PS. Shepard Fairey should win an award for this design.)


This song has been really getting to me as of late. So just in case you don't already have the whole album (unlikely, I know). . .

• Feist - The Park

A band's place in myspace.



(the Death Set, Ponytail, Team Robespierre, These Are Powers and Bourbon S.t in New Orleans)

- My first shower in a while reveals a ton of scratches on my feet and legs, mementos from the Floristree kittens.
- Meeting Jay who is working on the Todd P. documentary, adventures commence.
- Dropping in to New Orleans A) during spring break, and B) the day before 03/11/08, otherwise known as "311 eve," as in the night before the band 311 plays a concert on 3/11. Bourbon St. is thick with Mardi-Gras-style revelers getting wasted, taking off their shirts (well the guys anyway), and singing 311 songs when they aren't chanting "311" together. There are t-shirts being sold with nothing but the date on them, and passer-bys wish each other "Happy 311." Think I'm kidding? I have proof (scroll down).
- Some of the Death Set discovers the Bourbon St. "Hand Grenades."
- Kinda-too-old-for-this guy trying to keep the "Mardi Gras spirit" going.
- After escaping all the 311 fun, we catch Team Robespierre's set at a Black Label party at the Whirling Dervish. Jahphet gets a little too brave dancing with a girl at the underwear dance party afterward and is almost chased out.

311 day celebration in New Orleans


"One of the best live shows I've seen."
- Peter of the Death Set

• These Are Powers - Chipping Ice

A band's place in myspace.