(photos from Art Basel in Miami: Zebra girls performing, Matt & Kim at Kill Your Idols, Go-go installation art, Caustic Christ and Annihilation Time at Kill Your Idols, full gallery here)

The first day I am back in Brooklyn I get stopped by cops while walking with a granny cart full of packages to the post office annex. After asking me the usual questions ("What's up?" "Whatcha got there?" "Where you headed?" "You live around here?") they let me go. I can't help but feel that if my answers has been in less-than-native-English I might have found myself a lot more heavily, um, scrutinized.

My friend Nick of Article Clothing just put out the first issue of his mix tape/magazine endeavor, aptly titled Article. It is limited to an edition of 1000 and comes in a double cassette tape case (remember those?). I have a photo + essay (check the cover) about one of my favorite parts of Australia in the issue. For more details see below.


Article Magazine Issue #1 is here.

Issue 1 of Article Magazine comes in a double cassette case with work by Tod Seelie, Maxim Ryazansky, Shelly Mintz, Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, Ed Zipco and Konstantin Sergeyev, Eric Wrenn, BJ Warshaw, Bill Hayden, Greg Hathaway, Darryl Nau, Cody Smith, Matthew Jensen, Moses Sandrof and Megan Plunkett.

Words by Jacob Septimus, Nicole Demby, Brigitte Grice, Griffin Creech and Ian O'Neil.

The music is curated by Joe Ahearn, Alex Heir, A.P. Smith, & Noah Venezia.



• Ramonas - Santa’s Got A GTO

A band's place in myspace.


  1. wheremy gon get mah tape and my new shoes for that matter.

  2. chicks with pasties are hot but are getting annoying.