(photos from touring with Dark Dark Dark in Belgium and France)

On tour with Dark Dark Dark in Europe:

- Dark Dark Dark playing at a tiny 300 year old bar in Gent, Belgium. Meeting an eccentric local artist and his dog Willy and staying at his house. Leaving Brian Kelly there on his way to Berlin.
- Walking around Gent in the rain and wondering why everything was closed on a Monday. And then realizing it is Armistice Day.
- Sitting in while Dark Dark Dark do a live radio show on 93FM Primitive Radio.
- Staying with Cyril (who put out Dark Dark Dark's newest release Snow Magic) and his parents in Rheims and being thoroughly stuffed on four-course meals and great bread. The room I slept in was made to look like a castle.
- All of us having simultaneous nightmares while sleeping in a house in France that is an ex-convent built on a graveyard.
- Wandering around the Cathedral in Reims, and being impressed with how beautiful it is. By far the best stained glass windows I have ever seen.
- Going with Dark Dark Dark to a cultural center (think small YMCA) in the suburbs of Reims where they opened for From Monument To Masses. FMTM was pretty psyched on DDD, and were very friendly.
- Driving to Paris, all on small country back roads to avoid the highway tolls.
- Parking in Paris is a nightmare.
- Wandering around Paris with Marshall and Nona in search of sandwiches. We eventually found them, along with a park to eat them in.
- When asked by a stranger on the street what she was doing in Paris, Nona replied in French: "I play the music of your heart."
- Hanging out at the squat Miroiterie before the show.
- Dark Dark Dark playing a small intimate cozy show at the squat to a packed room. The crowd wouldn't stop clapping even after they had played their "fake out" encore.

Dark Dark Dark performing in Reims, France.

Band playing a cover with toy instruments at Miroiterie, a squat in Paris.


This is good, but much better live. All the more reason to catch one of Dark Dark Dark's live shows. . .

• Dark Dark Dark - Benefit Of The Doubt

A band's place in myspace.

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