(photos from the Miss Rockaway installation process at Stroomhuis in Eindhoven, so far)

The Miss Rockaway Armada in Eindhoven, Netherlands:

- Going to a thrift store in an old school to find John some new pants after he blew the ass out of his old ones. The old lady who was helping us insisted on leading him by the hand around the school showing people the hole in his pants, and then made him change out of them before he could leave the store.
- Rescuing messed up abandoned bikes and fixing them up to get around.
- Staying and working at the long-established squat Stroomhuis run by Andre, who on top of being amazingly generous, also happens to be an incredible chef.
- Working outside in the cold/rain.
- Competing for who has sustained the worst concussion so far.
- Feeling almost respectable when the Van Abbemuseum throws a welcome dinner for us.
- Finding it to be colder and damper than expected, which leads to needing and the subsequent hunt for long underwear (which resulted in settling for blue camo stretchy pants from the little boys section of a fire-damage store).
- The resident chickens keeping us company, roosting in the bar we built, and of course shitting everywhere.
- The group attending an art opening at MU, and then promptly turning it into a crazy dance party. The momentum came down a bit after one of the crew broke the glass of a display case, but only momentarily. I heard there was an after party at a nearby bar where the remaining Rockaway members got thrown out, more than once.
- Really enjoying waking up (in the living room) of the nice artist housing and peering out into the back courtyard space. One almost is forced to feel civilized regardless of how late you were up hanging from dusty scaffolding screwing pieces of mismatched soggy scrapped wood together into something you hope can support its own weight.


This is what we listened to really loud on repeat for a whole day while working. It reverberated off the walls and made your chest hum. It was an amazing thing, transforming the feel of mangling wood and nails in a tiled room dimly lit by haphazardly placed bare bulbs.

• Earth - Land Of Some Other Order

A band's place in myspace.


  1. Tod Seelie, I know it is your artistic goal to make viewers of your work wish real real hard that they had been there. That Fun of the Highest Order Had Been Had....well...yes...I feel....some envy, OK, you got me, Holland looks like a blast. Buuut - I got to ride in SF Critical Mass on Halloween (nirvana cubed), I'm here for the election which I will someday tell my children and their children about (did you vote absentee?) - 'cause there's gonna be dancing in the streets here and tho I can't take pics that induce envy at the level yours do - you know it will be unforgettably awesome. And, it's 70 and sunny every day. Sigh - Being Here is Better than Wishing I'd Stayed and all that. I'm glad you can still start a ruckus wherever you go and that John's ass will never stay in its pants. I miss you all! Love - Angela

  2. Keep em comin Seelie!
    Im excited for yins,
    and only slightly,
    wish I were with y'all.
    Not that any of you
    would care to deal with me.

    Good Luck to all of ya!
    make em proud.

  3. 4 things:
    1) didnt i give you a pair of ladies long johns on your last visit? you will forever be in search of a good pair.

    2) Earth is AWESOME to listen to whilst doing crunches... if you're into that sort of thing

    3) is the exhibit still up in MASS? i will be there over xmas and would love to show my family.

    4) much love

    andrea j.

  4. 1) Nope. But thanks.

    2) What are crunches?

    3) Yes it is still up until the spring of 2009.

    4) Aw, thanks! Right backatcha'.