(a quick stop in Paris)

Two days in Paris:

- Wandering around a park on a canal in the northeast part of Paris. A group of men, all looking Middle Eastern or African, were sitting quietly in a small sectioned off part of the park. Their seemed to be one man with long hair and a beard who was standing facing the rest of them. It looked almost like a meditation session, if you can meditate while looking around and listening to your ipod. They kept calling me over every time I would get near, but my lack of French kept me from venturing over. I wondered about if for the next few days.
- Staying with a friend in a suburb just outside of Paris. The building was old with a nice dusty mirrored lobby. The bathroom was decorated in red carpeted walls and mirrors. There was little daylight, less fresh air, and hardly any hot water.
- People eat well in Western Europe. The food is good, natural, fresh, and decently cheap. It seems like the way it should be.
- Having the best hot chocolate I can recall, ever.
- Realizing how much more of an appreciation the French have for architecture and public space.
- Paris is not much for late-night-life, most things close early (bars at midnight on a Friday?).
- Looking whistfully at all the free city bikes that are EVERYWHERE (Velib!).
- Riding clean, spacious, well-lit subways that run every 2 minutes.
- Doing some tourist sight-seeing, and a lot of walking.
- Being responsible for some of my friends from the Rockaway crew almost crashing a fancy live classical music soiree in a swanky part of Paris. And they would have too, if they hadn't been stopped dead at the entrance by a very unamused host.

Twenty-four hours in Amsterdam:

- There are so many bikes all over the place in Amsterdam that they almost feel similar to the trash that blows around and collects against fences and trees in Brooklyn.
- Trying to go visit the squat ADM, but failing to connect with my friends that were staying there.
- Amsterdam has a pretty space-age library, with handfuls of free public computers on every floor.
- Staying in a hostel that smells like a stadium toilet.
- The weird Xmas music is playing on the plane makes me homesick/depressed/divorced from reality.


• Jeff Alexander & Bonnie Beecher - Come Wander With Me


  1. I follow your blog section on fecalface.com

    Your photographs have always really stood out to me. I was wondering what kind of camera you shot with.

    I was also wondering if you would have any advice for me while I'm taking photos.

    If you could let me know on my blog or email me. That would be great.




  2. Bummer on the watermarks bro...

  3. Bummer on the rampant image theft dude. Not even transparent gif overlays could stop it.

  4. I love your style. When I grow up I want you to photograph my wedding. I'm serious, you are so awesome, I've been reading your blog for the past year and I can't get enough.

  5. thanks for responding

    i just got the new rebel xsi

    ive been having a lot of fun with it.

    im super jealous about your Hasselblad 503CW

    its super dope

    i was wondering why you shoot with a Ricoh GX200

    i didnt know if you set out to find this camera for a particular reason.

    what do you normally shoot with your rebel?

    sorry this is super long. but im pretty curious ha


  6. Pretty girl dude...!!!
    I dream one day go to Paris.. this place smells history.. delicious

  7. Paris is what's left over when a country has been conquered four or five times. We should all be so lucky.

  8. you live the life dude. gives me hope.

  9. The GX200 is the best pocket-sized camera out there. And on trips like the rafts, long bike rides, climbing stuff, etc it's really valuable to have a smaller camera you can have on your belt/within reach at all times. Unless of course that camera sucks, which is why I ponied up the dough for a GX200.

    If I didn't shoot it with my Hasselblad (which tends to be square and obvious), and I didn't shoot it with my GX200, then I shot it with my digital SLR. Three cameras are more than enough options as it is, I think.