(photos from the second half of our stay in Eindhoven during the construction of our installation as part of the show "Heartland")

- I am able to convince friends of mine from Brooklyn, the band Team Robespierre, to come and play at Burgers in Eindhoven before they head to Amsterdam while touring Europe. A bunch of the Rockaway crew goes to the show and the band plays to a pretty full (although somewhat static) house.
- Andre cooking amazing dinners for us while we watch YouTube videos about stuff we've done.
- The separated bike lane here are one of the best parts of the Netherlands. However they cause you to let your guard down, which is partially why I almost collided head-on with a motor scooter tearing down the wrong way on the bike path.
- Going to the Election Brunch at the Van Abbemuseum and feeling a bit out of place since we couldn't understand all the things being said about our own country and election. At the same time it was probably better we couldn't participate, it probably helped move things along quicker.
- While I was checking out the museum's exhibition of the "Heartland" show, I stumbled upon a video featuring my friend Dana at the Braddock, PA space talking about the artist-run space. Love the randomness.
- Did I mention how good stroop wafels are?

Team Robespierre at Burgers in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


• Rodriguez - Sugar Man

A band's place in myspace.


  1. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3211/3019791197_42e0db2733_b.jpg

    this photo inspired by you ^ (because it's of a boat)

    nice photos, guy who's blog i loyally subscribe to and comment on, but never has time to respond to me. psh.

    really, looks fun

  2. An exciting time in the world!

    The rounded dangling lightbulbs seem to be a recurring theme for me as of late, I wonder what it could mean...

  3. you guys are such a bunch of goofballs. lovable creative goofballs.