(photos from this year's Zombiecon, full gallery here)

Zombiecon 2008 kicked off on the streets of Manhattan this year with the rise of the undead i-bankers. Looking to the near future end-of-times: the economy has crumbled, banks have closed down, food and fuel have become scarce, and then the zombie attacks began... First stop on the crawl was the Manhattan Mall, which would have been better if most of it wasn't under construction. A little more foot-dragging later and the zombies arrived at the perennial favorite, Macy's. Photo ops were had, small children were mildly frightened, and employees got a reason to scowl and use their walkie-talkies. The last stop in midtown was Victoria's Secret. They were not amused.

The zombie horde then moved to Union Square and the first bar stop at The Continental. Drinking, some NSFW situations, and synchronized dancing to a projection of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" followed. The zombies then descended upon their intended target, Wall Street. As it was late on a Saturday, it was a bit of a ghost town. However the famous Bronze Bull was beset upon and left a bloody, zombified mess.


And the winner of the "new favorite song" Ninjasonik remix ablum giveaway is: Nic. With this song by the Found Sound Orchestra.

• Found Sound Orchestra - Little La La

A band's place in myspace.


  1. awesome - i love the pix of them in the retail stores the most. i think i left the same comment on your zombiecon pix last year!

    why do i feel like this title refers to me. if not, it should.

  2. very very cool.

    great pics. looks like fun