(CD release round-robin show for the Ninjasonik remix album "All Our Friends Are In Bands;" a condensed reenactment of Top Gun on the Metropolitan G train platform; DJ Rob Low spinning at some American Apparel party)

Things that were amusing in the last week:
A) People who find you on Flickr and ask to publish your photos for free, and then get pissed off at you when you say no (unless you get paid).
B) People who try to sneak in past the door at a fundraiser party to avoid paying the measly $5, and then get all angry at you when you catch up to them and ask them for the entrance fee.

The sense of entitlement some people operate with is pretty gross.


So Ninjasonik just released a remix album put together from all of their friend's bands (Matt & Kim, The Deathset, Team Robespierre, The Vivian Girls, Best Fwends, Snakes Say Hiss). It is appropriately enough named "All Our Friends Are In Bands." It also has the bonus Ninjasonik track Art School Girls. You don't really need me to tell you how good it is. But I will do one better than that, and give away two copies of the album, courtesy of Bikes In The Kitchen. So to win your copy, send me an mp3 of what you think is going to be my new favorite song (my email address is at the top of the right side column, next to the antlers). In two weeks I will pick two winners and send you your CDs (and obviously post your submission on here, because after all, it is my new favorite song). I can only ship in the continental US, so apologies to my two European readers.

I picked this track not so much because it's my favorite, but because it has the friend's-bands-roll-call in it. If you want to hear the best tracks, you'll have to win the CD. . . or just buy it for $5 from Bikes In The Kitchen

• Ninjasonik - Silver Tiles (Matt & Kim remix)

A band's place in myspace.


  1. oh my god, another amazing post

    i kinda love your photos

    living in mexico city makes me miss ny and this is my medicine every once in awhile.

  2. I cant help but feel that the last two photos shoulda been edited or given their own post.
    Im sensitive and find it 'bad taste', since im unable to fully articulate myself, to combine these events and topics.
    Wendell and folks goofing off and making out on a subway platform should be portrayed in a different light than cyclist memorials.

  3. Yes I had planned on doing a separate post for the cyclist memorial photos, but they just seemed to flow into the other photos, all shot over just a couple days. It's not an excuse, just the explanation. I guess on a personal level I am always seeing things as interconnected and entwined, even if you don't want them to be.