(more photos from touring with CSS and Matt & Kim)

- Matt & Kim doing an impromptu song live on radio KUOM. Matt had to play a piano and Kim had to drum with a broken drum stick, a hammer, and a wad of borrowed keys as a cymbal.
- Late night drunken dancing on cardboard in a Milwaukee parking lot with Matt & Kim fans.
- Asking the security guard at the employee entrance of Lollapolooza where the VIP entrance was, his answer was a blank "dunno." When asked where the main entrance was, he just shrugged.
- Exploring some raised railroad tracks in an industrial swath of Chicago. Which of course meant I would have the good fortune of catching a random patrol cars attention. While they did come up into the rail area, they didn't seem to be bothered enough to actually catch us.
- Seeing some of the familiar faces in CSS.
- Meeting the Mr. nice-n-laid-back David, tour manager for the Go! Team. I think he only owns one shirt.
- Panera bread is a lifesaver when you are on the road.
- Getting to hear the new Matt & Kim album. It is awesome, and no I'm not just saying that. It's not too often I get a song stuck in my head for days, much less an entire album.
- Running into BJ from Parts & Labor on a random street corner in Chicago.
- Getting to hang out in Cleveland with some family and friends.
- Learning that Matt has cardboard and plastic wrap underneath the keys of his keyboard to protect the interior electronics from all the drinks that get thrown on it.
- How much better I like driving on tour when there is cruise control.
- Learning why people have satellite radio: the punk channel.


• Shooter Jennings - I'm A Long Way From Home

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  1. Satellite radio = the flannel channel. Because you need to have Stone Temple Pilots and Soul Asylum accessible at all times.