(photos from touring with CSS and Matt & Kim, with a guest appearance by Lollapolooza)

Well I got a shout out in the recent NY Times article on the F Yeah Fest, only problem being that I was attributed to Brooklynvegan.com. But the article is extensive, with lots of video and a tour diary by both the reporter and Sean the founder, definitely worth checking out.

I'm still on the road with Matt & Kim, playing the part of their surly and exhausted part-time merch guy. Its been a pretty fun tour so far, although M & K had some technical difficulties in the beginning. Got to hang out at Lollapolooza and meet Elijah Wood with his girlfriend in Gogol Bordello. Thanks again to Ms. Hopper for making that happen. I'm not much of a festival goer, but I do have to say that the Lollapolooza entrance/pass process was very poorly planned and executed for such a large-concert-thing. Maybe there was some sort of crowd-management-through-excessive-complications logic to it that I don't understand, but from an audience members view it was a pain in the ass, and the festival had some scary no-room-to-move fire exit issues.

Matt & Kim's new album is going to knock your socks off, by the way.


Ever wonder what Matt's (of above-mentioned Matt & Kim) first band sounded like? Note the intentional avoidance of a verse-refrain-verse structure.

• Aristocracy - Take The World Back


  1. oh man - i've been waiting for your CSS photos - excited to see more! you are soooo lucky. I love how her costumes just get crazier and crazier...

  2. whoa, it's my old band! I'm so flattered!

    (seriously, I love this site)

  3. i didnt' realize frodo was dating that girl from Gogol Bordello. I admit, every time I see Gogol Bordello I'm taken aback by her hotness.

    NY Mag did an article on the Times article about F Yeah..