(more photos from the F*** Yeah Fest tour)

I am just now finally recovering enough from the tour to get back to normal life things. Damn you guys wrecked me.

- Cracking myself out staying up all night on the long drive from Tampa to Pensacola working on editing photos and writing these lovely posts. Considering the amazing caliber of bands on this tour you can see why the bulk of photos would take me all night to get through.
- Running out of fuel on a small rural road south of Pensacola.
- While we were stuck trying to figure out how to get some diesel (turns out AAA won't help you out with diesel. Their advice? Call the cops), a group headed to a nearby diner. While they were there a local headed to a nearby methadone clinic offered one of our crew some OC40. She returned to the table and mentioned it, to which people responded "Um, yeah!" On her way out of the door to find him, she turns back to the table and says loudly enough to be heard across the room, "Wait I don't buy drugs! You buy them, I'll give you money." And then realized she was standing about ten feet away from a table where two cops were now giving her a rather funny look.
- The breast milk incident is repeated at Sluggo's again. And Pete still acts like he doesn't like it.
- Completely passing out in a booth in Sluggos, and then later on the Homestead's porch.
- Catching up with Corey from the raft. Talking about the recent brutal attack on our friend Lost in NOLA, squatting and HUD housing options around Pensacola, and the potential to set up an artist collective. Similar to what is happening in Braddock, PA right now.
- The very belligerent and drunk guy foaming at the mouth and harassing me for taking photos during Matt & Kim. He was so persistent that Johnny from the Death Set had to step in to get him to back off. Later he found Johnny and threatened to "knock your block off." Do people say that anymore?
- Baton Rouge has a lot of attractive people who like to party.
- Going on a 4am grease run with Johnny while he was bumming from getting cock-blocked.
- Waffle House, McDonalds, or Jack In The Box: which poison would you pick?
- Almost losing one of the crew when they took off on a bicycle while we were stuck in standstill traffic on the highway.
- After leaving the venue in Houston our trailer full-on breaks. As in the yoke just snapped in half. So we do an emergency unload in the middle of the street (with most of the crew drunk), call for friends with trucks to come help, and move all the gear back to the venue. The bus heads to Bret's parent's house while Phil and Steven stay with the trailer waiting for the mechanic to come claim it's broken hulk. At this point I realize that the past two late nights of grease runs and trailer tragedies were sending me straight to sick central. The next day I woke up not only feeling like hell, but with my back all messed up too.
- Austin is fun, and ends with a drunken late-night bridge show followed by swimming/hot-tubbing till the sun comes up with Ty trying to land a booty-call while stuck in the suburbs.
- I am so sick by the time we hit Ft. Worth (kinda sketchy little town) that I lay down on anything any chance I get. The space is hot and windowless, with people's sweat condensing and dripping down off the florescent bulbs.
- I get dropped off with the Death Set, Sean, and the NY Times reporter at a hotel and desperately scramble to get an hour of sleep before I have to head to the airport for my 7 am flight. Somehow I make it, and aside from passing out under chairs waiting for my connecting flight, make it home successfully albeit utterly miserable.
- Upon arriving home I pass out instantly and don't stir for two days. The F*** Yeah Fest tour f***ed me up. Thanks guys!


Dry desery wind bathing you under red stage lights while howling psyche rock swirls around you.

• Crystal Antlers - Vexation

• Crystal Antlers - A Thousand Eyes

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  1. welcome home. glad you're alive. sounds amazing.

  2. shortpants saulsbury7/05/2008 3:16 PM

    yo dude glad to see your alive. it also took me a couple days to recoup and i was only there for 4 days. seriously after yall left me i fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 7-9am then had to work both my jobs basically 11am-4am and that didnt help.

    AUG 15-17th RVA DUDE!!!

    hope to see you soon!

  3. Waffle House. Totally.