(the last of the photos from F*** Yeah Fest tour 2008)

I recently received a couple emails asking about traveling tips. I thought I might share my response, even if the majority of this is mostly "no-duh."


- A V8 a day helps you feel about 50% better, especially when touring.
- As far as road food goes, stick with the Subway veggie subs.
- Never leave home without earplugs (silicon), helpful for sleeping in loud places (buses, people's living room floors, etc) even if you're not going to see a lot of live music.
- A small pack of travel "Wet Ones." Good for preventing/curing swamp ass, and also if no toilet paper is available.
- Get an inflatable neck pillow and stuff a shirt in the hole in the middle. Poof, you have a pretty comfy pillow that disappears when you're not using it.
- Comfortable shoes are essential, grab some cushioned inserts for good measure.
- Never leave without: a knife, flashlight, cell phone + charger, garbage bag or other rain cover, medicine, sewing/repair kit, small braided rope (or even just extra shoelaces), this plus everything else (clothes, toiletries, camera gear, etc) must fit in to two bags that can be easily carried on foot for ten miles.
- Canvas webbed belts are better than standard buckle belts because they can more easily adjust in the event of noticeable weight loss (or gain) and can also be used to lash things down.
- It's more comfortable to take the cushion out of a chair and sleep on it on the floor than to try to use the whole chair (unless it's a lazy boy, then you are all set, and in style).
- Bath towels made an acceptable blanket in a pinch.
- Get a lightweight cotton flannel shirt. It will be a lifesaver, working as an extra layer, a towel, a pillow, and a mosquito net for your face when sleeping outdoors.
- Dumpster-diving Panera is good, even if it's not that good for you.
- No tips for hitch-hiking because no one ever picks me up.
- If someone is in the bathroom and you need to get going, just brush/wash up in the kitchen sink.
- Bucket-bath, self-explanatory.
- Dr. Bronner's multi-use soap. It works for your body as well as dishes and is biodegradable. Get some and transfer it into smaller bottles with secure caps (I like travel mouthwash bottles the best).
- Always have a land line phone number memorized in case you end up in jail. Cause you never know.
- Hand-sanitizer is a luxury, but nice at times.
- Make travel eating utensils by cutting 1/3 off of the handle on a fork and spoon and then drill a hole at the end of each so as to allow them to be attached and not easily lost.
- Carry a spare photo ID and credit card (if possible) to be kept separate from the others in the event of theft or a lost bag.
- If traveling in dangerous areas carry a decoy wallet with some cash, a fake ID, and a canceled/expired credit card (like the fake ones you get in junk mail sometimes) to hand over in the event of a mugging.
- Always have drinkable water with you.


Apparently the Violent Femmes are still kickin'. Here they are covering Gnarles Barkley.

• Violent Femmes - Crazy (removed at the request of the label)
- Available on iTunes and on limited edition vinyl.

A band's place was way before myspace.


  1. wow dude. it's hard to believe that you would ever consider giving up band photography. amazing. damn.

  2. Todd it was really nice meeting you! We'll have to meet up again someday!


  3. those are extremely solid travel tips.

  4. did someone say swamp ass?

  5. that a joke about them covering gb, right?

  6. Um, no. I don't think so. They are putting out a new album I think. Did you listen to it? Who else can sound that much like the Violent Femmes, except the Violent Femmes?

  7. "easily carried on foot for 10 miles"

    ha - this is why i love you so much tod

  8. for real? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!