(painting: Psychic Readings by Maya Hayuk)

Another Friday in Brooklyn and another great art show to go to, followed by a Friday the 13th zombie rock show. It's a benefit show for a great DIY cause, Showpaper. Not only do they feature local artists, but they provide a focal point for the DIY music scene in and around NYC, and all this while promoting the love of the zine. These kids work hard to bring you more fun, so come out, see friends and maybe even buy some art. Let's just hope it cools down before the Zombie Party so we aren't so much like real zombies with our heat-fried brains and no-will-to-live wilting.


Full Color Distro is a group art show celebrating the one year anniversary of our all-ages print-only music-listings publication! This show brings together a mix of up-and-coming and established artists we love who share our passion for community-oriented music and art. The show will feature a huge mural by Maya Hayuk and a musical performance by Narwhalz. There will also be a ton of raffle prizes from local businesses including CDs from VICE Records, free movies screenings from UnionDocs, books and prints from PictureBox, t-shirts from Famous Class, and a gigantic obscene cartoon print from Desert Island.

Maya Hayuk
Ben Jones (Paper Rad)
Tod Seelie (Suckapants)
PFFR (creators of Wonder Showzen)
Aron Wahl (Big A little a)
Mike Force
Marissa Paternostor (Screaming Females)
Preston Spurloc
Susan Bell
Jason Eisner
Nick Chatfield Taylor
Narwhalz of Sound (music and art)

Desert Island
VICE Records
Famous Class

Friday, June 13th 7pm
The ARM Gallery is a letterpress studio and art gallery at 281 N. 7 St. between Havermeyer and Meeker in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


After the art show, there’s a rad afterparty at Death By Audio, just a few blocks away, with Pterodactyl, Fiasco, Puttin’ On The Ritz, and more! It’s a Friday the 13th Zombie Party - come dressed as a zombie and get in for $2 less!

Death By Audio is at 49 S. 2 St. between Wythe and Kent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show is all-ages and $8 - $6 for zombies!



I've always been a big fan of Crooked Fingers, and this song by Archers Of Loaf has always struck me as a gem. So it's not surprising that Eric Bachmann is the frontman of both bands, and here he is covering himself, kinda.

• Eric Bachmann - Web In Front (acoustic)

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. thank you so much for this gem, i've never heard this version before. i'm a real huge fan!