(photos from the F*** Yeah Fest Tour thus far, Baltimore and DC)

F*** Yeah Fest is still rolling. I am not only impressed with the awesome bands on this tour, but the crack team of tour/bus people too. They have to navigate a bus full of people while pulling a trailer full of equipment from state to state (and making sure not to leave anything, or anyone, behind). The refueling process alone involves scouting waste grease dumpsters, and then spending a good portion of the night on the smelly, messy and tricky process of transferring the grease. And then getting up and doing it all again the next day. Thankless to say the least. These are people who do it for the love, for the music. So thanks Sean, Phil, Donovan, John, Malia and Steven.


This was a bit to clubby for me at first listen, but the tail end is so catchy I got sucked right in. Now I can't get it out of my head.

• Sam Sparro - Black And Gold

A band's place in myspace.


  1. i got excited about the song cause of your disclaimer but i'm not sure the link is set up right. it's like, 2 seconds.
    and these pics are fucking awesome.

  2. butta.

    i was in birmingham, alabama eating dinner at the bottletree venue THE NIGHT BEFORE f-yeah got there saturday. i found a flyer in the venue and cursed out loud. my travel partner and i were going to northen alabama to rock climb. we contemplated turning back to go to the show, but we pressed forward, eager to get to north carolina on sunday. now i regret the decision, but i'm racing to baton rouge tomorrow to see y'all. fuck yeah.

  3. omg who is this bitch?

  4. boi do i miss these people

  5. gainesville wasn't ready for this shit. awesome to have finally grabbed chat.